Council of 11

Jackson County

The Council of 11 consists of 2 elected members from each of the Orders as well as one from the areas unaligned to act as a tie breaking vote, and to function as a liaison between the areas Mages and certain other supernatural forces.

Current Council of 11 Members
– White Fox
Free Council
-Gray Bear
-Black Bull
-Sapphire Turtle
-Onyx Squirrel
Guardians of the Veil
-Jade Spider
Silver Ladder
-Yellow Elk
-Blue Mink
Adamantine Arrow
-Iron Bobcat
-Bronze Lynx

All members where a combination of robes, cloak, cowl, and a mask to physically hide who they are. This items have collectively made powerful enchantments on them that effectively hides their aura, masking it as a mundane.

Council of 11

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